Flying Chinese People

Just finished Hero. Excellent movie. Lots of wire fu, lots of gorgeous photography. Convoluted story. Well worth seeing. Thank you, Netflix!

We were going to see A Series of Unfortunate Events this weekend, but we decided to wait for video. Not important enough to leave the house for.

Yes, I love being at home.

2 thoughts on “Flying Chinese People

  1. Hey! Nice new setup – what a relief to be able to comment again! Must remember to change the link on my site.

    We got back from mom and dad’s late last night, and I stayed up Far Too Late installing World of Warcraft. Having done so, I am now afflicted with the twitches, waiting for Paul to be done with his internet radio show and playing with his new webcam (boy, has he got fun plans for that thing!) so that I can log back on and level my elfin ass up! *twitch, twitch* Soon, Bond will nap and Paul will nap, and then I will game.