Christmas Day

Merry Christmas to you all.

Quite a day so far. Lots of appropriate candies for both of us. The cats got toys, of which one small rabbit-fur toy mouse has been put out for their enjoyment. The mouse has taken a substantial beating, and has already been de-tailed. The tiny stuffed mice are perfect for these cats.

Fred is modeling his lovely new red corduroy shirt, and is setting up his brand new lavalite. I’m in my impressive new office chair, contemplating the jump over to the theater so I can play one of my new Ratchet & Clank games. Yes, he gave me all three of ‘em, and the second and third were mixed in with other presents. How often do you get new gloves and find a Playstation game at the bottom of the box? He’s a sneak.

We’ve got a boatload of movies to watch, namely the extended Return of the King, Shrek 2, Spiderman 2, and Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. So we’re not wanting for entertainment.

I’m also relaxing after a morning in the kitchen. I made an apple tart, a blueberry tart, a pumpkin pie, and a big pot of paella. We decided that we wanted a different Christmas dinner, and paella seemed a good choice.

Unfortunately, the clams ended up bad, so Fred could only eat two. The rest didn’t open up during cooking, so out they went. But there was lots of shrimp, chicken and italian sausage, so he didn’t feel too bad.

I see a nap in the very near future.

Time to go play some Ratchet & Clank, and see if I can get anywhere before I die a horrible death at the hands of some robot.

[Update] Note that the above does not say DAMS, but CLAMS. Stupid font.

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