It done been sawed

Excellent movie. Thumbs up. No surprises if you know the book, but well executed anyway. They did a great job of packing everything in, without it feeling rushed.

Looking forward to the remaining two.

14 thoughts on “Potter

  1. Lord, there’s more? When are these kids going to graduate, already?

  2. Wow, we’re going to have to agree on disagreeing about this movie. For me, the romance angle was played up too much in this (although my favorite scenes were with Lavender and her Won-won LOL).

    (spoileriffic comments snipped)

    Overall, for me, it was my second least favorite. #3 is my least, #5 is my favorite.

  3. Tsk, tsk. Giving away so much in the comments. :-)

    I was absolutely fine with everything you objected to. And I refuse to agree to disagree, as the concept is self-cancelling.

  4. What are they, 25 now? and still playing adolescents. Its a stretch.

  5. So, in all seriousness, how many movies have there been. I’ve only seen two.

    Never read the books, either. How many of those are there?

  6. Seven books, six movies so far. The seventh book is being made into two movies, so there’ll be eight movies total by the time they’re done.

    They’re all around twenty or so, and they’re filming the last two, in which they’re supposed to be seventeen. So they’re not far off.

    They started at the exact right ages for the first movie, but the original plan of making a movie every year got morphed into every year and a half, so they’ve overtaken the roles by a couple of years.

    Yes, I love these movies. Despite what Mr. Crabby Pants said earlier.

  7. @Wayne – There have been 6 movies made from the first 6 books. There are 2 more movies coming that is made the 7th book. There are no plans for an 8th book.

    Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (Sorcerer’s Stone in the US)
    Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
    Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
    Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
    Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
    Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
    Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (this will be split into 2 movies)

    @Barb – There 3 main character are 19-21 playing 16/17 year olds. Really this is nothing. How many high school themed shows are played by 25+ year olds?

  8. I thought the 8th book was going to be Harry Potter and the Enormous Gigantic Bucket Full of Money.

    #5 is my favorite, followed by #1 and #4. The Half Blood Price was hampered by the fact that it’s also the weakest of the books.

    Alan Rickman, however, should get the Nobel Prize in Acting. Love him!

  9. Eight movies? Holy cow. I thought I’d only missed a couple of them.

    So when they graduate, do they have a doctorate in magic or something?

  10. Speaking of Alan Rickman, Family Guy poked fun at him in one of their cutaways late this season. It was hilarious.

    The phone rings and it’s him calling his own answering machine: “Hello, Alan Rickman. It’s me, Alan Rickman. Just reminding you to put the hamburger out to thaw. Do not disappoint me.”

  11. Took Dylan and a friend of his to see it last week. Good movie, but a bit long.

  12. I got roped into seeing it again and must admit, I did like it better the second time. There’s still a couple things that bug me, but c’est la vie.