Taco Tuesday, Taco Tuesday

Two hardshell tacos for 99 cents at Taco John

Just got back from Weight Watchers. I somehow, and I don’t know how, actually lost half a pound over the past two weeks. After all the pie, paella, chili, peanut butter cups and mint cookies, managed to maintain and even take a tiny dip in weight.

There is hope.

I’m now on vacation for the rest of the year. I had two days and change left in personal time, and was going to cash it in at the end of the year. Today convinced me that I should use it for some quality time with the couch. So I’m now firmly ensconced in the house until January third. Oh, I may come out of hiding for some shopping binges, or maybe a blowout at Baja Fresh, but most likely I will be home, communing with the wild beasts that chase artificial mice around the floor.

Bell just rang. Hamburgers are ready!

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